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Umicore Tool Materials is a business line of Umicore, serving the markets of diamond tools and hard metal applications. We offer a wide range of Cobalt powders, Nickel powders and pre-alloyed alternatives (from our Cobalite range). Being a world-wide market leader, we see successful use of our products in tools for stone-cutting and construction, as well as hard-metal or cemented carbide applications. Our products provide the perfect solution to create bonds with other constituents like diamonds or Tungsten Carbide. Due to our extensive application know-how and R&D facilities, we can provide you with the necessary technical support.

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Umicore is an application-oriented metals and materials group, aiming to be the benchmark of excellence in each of its areas of operation. No other metals company has the same wide range to offer. Umicore, with headquarters located in Belgium, is a global force with industrial operations and representatives on all continents.